My Town

It is of interest to me what has come and gone here in Mt. Holly Springs over the past century.  I refer mainly to the structures and landmarks that once defined this small town. In my 50 odd years of adult life here in ‘Holly” I can remember many of the places that used to be here when I was growing up but have now been replaced by “newer things”. Anyone who knows where ‘Smokey Road’ is may also recall Frank Bobbs’ Garage, The Holly Theater, The Holly Park (downstream of the tracks), The Old Firehouse and how about The William Mullin residence, where the “Family Dollar” now sits. How many folks remember when the “Citizens Fire Station” on Chestnut Street was a school? Many of us were students there. Our “Good Old Days”.

One place  in particular that was way before my time even, but has intrigued me since learning of it, was  “The Mt. Holly Park” located in the Holly Gap along the Mountain Creek just south of town.  Route 34 passes along this area and is traveled by thousands every week, going to work or just running errands.  I am sure few of those passing thru the gap realize what used to be here back in the early 1900s.  Look out the car window now and all anyone will see is trees and brush, an eroding creek bank and what remains of the “Lower Dam” as it was called. And yes, our very own Charlie Brown tree. And so, most of the images shown here are from my collection of post cards and photos showing the pursuits of leisure that people entertained some 100+ years ago.