Other Post Cards & Photos

This is what the Holly Gap looked like around 1880. The mill-race is to the right of the road, (Mountain Creek is to the left) and it flowed towards you for about 200 ft, then crossed under the road and over the creek via an aquaduct before dumping into a holding pond for use by the “lower mill”.

Here are some postcards and photos of the park that were not included in The Mt. Holly Springs Park & Resort – 1901 to 1930.

This postcard shows the gap bridge in about 1905. Notice no water going over the dam. The usual summertime creek level coupled with the water being diverted to the mill race, and this is what you have.

Another view of the gap bridge.


In this postcard you can see the gazebo in the middle of the creek with a footbridge leading to each side. This was often used as a bandstand for whichever band was providing the music for the night. It was washed away in 1907 flooding.


There were essentially three (3) substantial springs that were utilized for the enjoyment by park patrons. This one was designated as the ‘North Park Spring’ and issued out of the ground directly behind where the Deer Lodge sits today. It has essentially dried up and disappeared.


And the main or ‘Central Park Spring’ later to be known as ‘Diddy Wises’ Spring’………..


………..and lastly there was the ‘South Park Spring’ that issued out of the ground at the entrance to Ridge Road. This area is wet most of the year. Keep in mind, when these cards were made, the Ridge Road, aka CCC Road, did not exist.